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“We believe that useful dining blogs go past recipes, scenery, restaurants, celebrities, or current gossips. They possess a tone; they become a way of life and become a discourse that connects readers with the subjects they expose.”

Who Are We

Nineoninepgh is a fine dining blog devoted to sharing unique dining experiences and fantastic food with everyone/anyone interested in fine dining. There’s something distinctive about dining at a fine restaurant. The skilled waiting staff with flawless manners, elaborate cutlery, the tang of classy wine, and delectable meals give clienteles a feeling of prominence.

What is fine dining?

Sarah Malory launched Nineoninepgh in 2010. British born but raised in the United States, she’s a food lover with a voracious appetite who grew up watching her parents slice veggies and chop meat at the family restaurant. Family dinners were formal events with abundant, garden fresh, and plentiful food.
So from an early age, she cultivated a life-long love affair with fine dining, and the protocol associated with it is. Her hobby turned zeal began to advance during her reporter duties in New York, where, she decided to discover all the fine dining restaurants in her free time.
As a result, she slowly but surely built up a catalog of all these institutions. From her initial project sharing photos and tips about improving the dining business, she’s not looked back since.
Now, her selective writers disclose outlooks on the food and wine aspects of the beautiful dining world. We cover occasions, interview restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, and find a unique angle in this exclusive world- what differentiates it from casual dining familiarities. You will find notes from the world’s best chefs, businesspersons. You can find a page dedicated to these discussions here.

What is fine dining?

Fine dining is an expensive, complex, yet unique hotel experience. It surpasses the bar of an average restaurant in terms of customer service, table setting, and arrangement of cutlery, the meals, and everything to do with restaurant service.

You don’t know what fine dining is until you try out one. It’s a memorable experience that you will tell your friends, family, and generations to come.

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